Once again, Herself graced us with her presence. DG arrived at about 8:10 that is the official time noted! *g*  After she and Elva her friend that travels sometimes with her had a wee bit to eat DG got to business.  She chatted with Hosers as she signed away.  This year Collen Le Hoser had the most books to sign....about eight. Doesn't beat M&M's record of ELEVEN hard covers last year.....sorry Colleen had to toss that in there! You don't carry that many books across the country and not talk about it every chance you get! *g*



sur2_colleen_dg.jpg (23864 bytes)  sur2_mf_dgsignbook.jpg (13997 bytes)   sur2_dg_bev.jpg (93208 bytes) sur2_dg_judie.jpg (23404 bytes)  sur2_dg_eva_sharon.jpg (134664 bytes)

Colleen and her EIGHT books, notice DG is smiling, she wasn't smiling after! *g*/ MF getting her books signed./ Cherie's book getting signed with Bev sitting by for photo ops!/ Judie trying not to boss DG around like she does the rest of us!/DG her friend Elva and Sharon.


sur2_dg_mairg.jpg (47048 bytes)  sur2_dg_elaine_janice.jpg (46251 bytes)  sur2_dg_leann.jpg (43570 bytes)  sur2_dg_kim.jpg (134556 bytes)  sur2_dg_mandy-lorri.jpg (58765 bytes)


Mairghread & DG./ Janice, Elaine & DG./ Leann, Cherie & DG./Kimberly & DG./ Lorri, Mandy & DG.

sur2_dg_opengifts.jpg (95180 bytes)  sur2_dg_gift.jpg (29570 bytes)  sur2_diana_findexcerpt.jpg (52148 bytes)  sur2_dg_excerpt_judiecfmay.jpg (110516 bytes)

 Sharon side tracked while DG opens gifts./ Again DG and gift./DG preparing to read an excerpt./DG, Judie, May and CF

 She read this wonderful excerpt about Claire looking at Jamie's sperm through a microscope and his reactions and questions to the tiny critters!  Had the whole room laughing...verra hosed!  

She even signed Scotty's!

If you canna read it says

For Scotty- The best kisses in Surrey, BC!

Le meas! 

Diana Gabaldon  10/14/00

Just so you know a little background on this autograph.  M&M bet Scotty ten bucks he wouldn't kiss DG at the Gathering.  Needless to say M&M lost the bet!  But...Scotty told DG about the bet before he kissed her!  

It was rumored he kissed her twice! It's not certain if Jodi Yo B was in line to have her book signed or to get a kiss from Scotty!


It's Kilt DH!!!!!

Judie was kind enough to loan us her hubby in a kilt for the night. 

 As long as we adhered to some minor rules:

Under Kilt: Cameras YES, Hands NO

Dinna touch the sporran!

Absolutely no "Mustache Rides!"


Everybody wants a picture with the Kilt DH!

sur2_dg_rick.jpg (154968 bytes)   sur2_judie_rick.jpg (133076 bytes)  sur2_rick_hedy.jpg (94660 bytes)  sur2_gwen_rick.jpg (67497 bytes)   sur2_scotty_rick.jpg (72504 bytes)

 DG & Rick, Judie & Rick, Rick  & Hedy, Gwen & Rick, Scotty & Rick.

And finally.......Under the Kilt!!!!!

Tamara pinning a note on under Ricks kilt. 

Can't read the note you say!





Rita Gets Leid!

Colleen LeHoser sent an email that we were to bring a lei with us for Rita! Seeing that Rita is going to Scotland and needs a lei really bad!  Well as you can see many of us obliged, hopefully out of fun and not because we wanted to see someone get leid!   


sur2_rita_leiszucs.jpg (57736 bytes)  sur2_rita_scotty.jpg (79456 bytes)  sur2_rita_liesmile.jpg (108592 bytes)

Rita and her companions, are ye green with envy?/Good thing for Scotty size and color dinna matter!/One more lei then I have to go!



All pictures left to right.  

sur2_edtable.jpg (126948 bytes)  sur2_tabletoast.jpg (77452 bytes)  sur2_judietable.jpg (42582 bytes)  sur2_lallyquilters_toast.jpg (95844 bytes)

Table Hopping!

Ed, Mairghread, Charyl, Elaine, Karen and Colleen./ CF, M&M's hair, Scotty, Mandy, Ellie, Hedy, and Char./ Jerry, May, Judie, Lorri, Tamara, Leah and Leann./Janice, Kimberly, Sharon, Bev and Chris.


sur2_charyl_doorprizes.jpg (20209 bytes)  sur2_bev_Leah.jpg (78724 bytes) sur2_kim_rd_chris_bev.jpg (79337 bytes)  sur2_ed_mairg_elaine.jpg (131904 bytes)    

Charyl with door prize questions./Bev, Leah & Leanne. grow up Bev! *g*/ Kimberly, Chris, RDawn & Bev./Ed, Mairghread & Elaine.


  sur2_ginmintue_elva.jpg (58453 bytes)   sur2_hedy_cf_char_elllie.jpg (71521 bytes)   sur2_charyl_hedy_lorri_scotty.jpg (82428 bytes)  sur2_daintry.jpg (102676 bytes)

Gabaldon In A Minute with DG, Elva, Rick, SharonB. & JaniceM./Hedy, CF, Char & Ellie./Charyl, Hedy, Lorri & Scotty./ Daintry sitting pretty!


    sur2_hedy_ellie.jpg (50096 bytes)  sur2_janice_cf.jpg (73345 bytes)  sur2_scotty_mm_judie.jpg (133736 bytes)  sur2_tamara_hedy.jpg (84792 bytes)

Hedy & Ellie./ JaniceM. & CF./ Scotty, M&M & Judie./ Little Judie (Tamara) & Hedy. I think Tam was trying to sit on Hedy's sausage!


sur2_may_judie_laurie.jpg (94932 bytes)      sur2_ed_mairghread.jpg (51656 bytes)  sur2_gwen_bracelet.jpg (18048 bytes)  sur2_dg_eva_sharon.jpg (134664 bytes)

May, Judie & Laurie./ Ed & Mairghread./ Gwen and her Sues bracelet she won./ DG, Eva & SharonB.


sur2_dg_rita_shar_etc.jpg (93812 bytes)  sur2_judiedoorprize.jpg (13098 bytes)  sur2_kim_hedy.jpg (44011 bytes)  sur2_hosers_signbooks.jpg (62592 bytes)  sur2_badges.jpg (47060 bytes)

Rita, Daintry & Janice watching SharonB pretend she's DG!/Judie with door prizes./ Kimberly & Hedy./Jodi Yo B & Daintry signing each others "Companions".  This was really neat, lots of the ladies brought their "Companions" to be signed by all the hosers in attendance!/May standing in fear of the HTML Police.....can ye see the badges of the Chief and Commish or is it "tweedle di" & "tweedle dum"?


sur2_janice.jpg (41713 bytes)  sur2_mm_ellie.jpg (44021 bytes)  sur2_chris_gwen.jpg (83500 bytes)  sur2_mm_basket.jpg (53548 bytes)  sur2_mairghread_gwen.jpg (144792 bytes)

JaniceM. who is always smiling!/M&M and Ellie with fresh make-up!/ Chris, Gwen and Paula. / M&M w/basket of Leah's maple candy./Mairghread and Gwen.


Ladies of Lallybroch banner made by Shadow!



a special thanks to all the hosers who generously donated door prizes!

sur2_mm_doorprizes.jpg (51612 bytes)

......and to Gayle who was with us in "spirits", we loved the wine! 


  sur2_wine.jpg (46709 bytes)



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