The hosers that stayed overnight met up on Friday at the JHRC-howmanynamescanyoufitintoname Country Club.  Hedy was a dearheart and  put all this together for us. It was just another chance for us to talk, laugh and spew the "f" word.  You would be amazed how many times they closed the door to our room, 'cause we were just that loud. 

It's also the place where Colleen built the infamous...



In attendance..........


 Rita, Gwen, Char, Janice, Kimberly, Sharon.



Daintry, Sharon, Leah & Leann.




Judie, CF, MF, Bev, Colleen, Scotty, M&M, Jodi Yo B, Cherie, Charyl, Ellie. 

Ummm Judie, pay attention will ye!


Hedy was taking the picture!

Basically our entertainment for that night was Hedy. Pictured here giving her Stewardess routine! I know you're thinking you had to be there, and too bad you weren't 'cause it was just too too funny!  




Happy Birthday Hosers!


We celebrated Rita & Char's Birthday, they were both 29!

 They both got the same thing as a present too.....nothing!



Left to right.

      sur2_menu.jpg (149668 bytes)   

Hosers or not, food always comes first! Our menu.


sur2_cf_judie_fri.jpg (84380 bytes)  sur2_mf.jpg (138336 bytes)  sur2_friday_ellie_charyl_gwen.jpg (80700 bytes)  sur2_bev_Leah.jpg (78724 bytes) 

Judie & CF./ MF./ Charyl, Ellie & Gwen./Bev, Leah & Leann.


sur2_braceletcircle.jpg (54545 bytes)  sur2_jodi_cherie.jpg (22186 bytes)  sur2_leah_leann.jpg (84600 bytes)  sur2_charyl_ellie.jpg (66168 bytes)  sur2_cherie_chris_bev_hedy.jpg (82688 bytes)

All of us who had on one of Sues bracelets that evening!/ Jodi Yo B & Cherie./ An absolute beautiful picture of Leah & Leann./ Charyl & Ellie./ Cherie, Chris, Bev & Hedy.


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