Sausages & Starbucks

Join CF, Judie and Charyl shopping for the perfect sausage . Then lots of visits to Starbucks with some hosers.
Hedy reading a sausage quote from Dragonfly in Amber.


Shopping for Sausage


.So many little time.   This is Judie and CF combing the market for the perfect sausage.  The pictures we really needed are the ones of the people watching two grown women fondling sausages at the market!  And they wonder why this nice cashier declined their offer to join them at the Gathering.

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Starbucks seems to be the mainstay in Judie's diet.  They almost called all the Vancouver Starbucks....Judiebucks!

Pictures left to right.

Charyl and Judie at Starbucks!
Judie having her third cup of coffee for the day.

CF and Judie at Starbucks!
Judie starting early on her evening round of coffee.
CF, Charyl and Judie at Starbucks!
Judie says, "C'mon hosers one more cup then I have to go!"

Bottom picture...left to right

Kate, Judie, Charyl, Kim Marie, Rick, Hope, and Tamara at,
oh, Starbucks!

Pictures left to right.

Charyl and Hope at Earl's.

Rick, Judie holding Claire, Kate with her tongue out, and Hope at Earl's.
Kate was the food that bad and maybe you should have gone to Red Robin!

  O.K. they went to somewhere else besides Starbucks, it was Earls!


Here's the reasons per Hope...

1. Rick and Judie and Tamara ALWAYS say they'll take me there... then we end up at Red Robin.... every time.  So this time I said "you have to take me to Earl's!"

2. Tamara has a gigantic 'thing' for the HUNKY manager, who was a BABE.  BTW he seemed a bit flustered each time (and there were several) he addressed our group....
ehem.... he always spoke directly to Tamara, not sure he even noticed the
rest of us.

3. good food.

It was also mentioned that Pamela was not at Earls, but just wanted Pamela to  know that we tried to call you but there was no answer and that you were missed.

Ode to a Sausage
narrated by Hedy

Wonder what Hedy is hiding behind her back?
Could it be a verra large sausage?

 Lady Ellie was not able to be with us, so she sent a gift of sausages and an except from
Dragonfly in Amber .

Since I can't be there in person I'll at least be there in spirit. What would a gathering be without some talk of sausage! Have a great time!!

From page 238 Dragonfly in Amber

   Dashing into a gloomy hallway, past a startled porter, and through a hanging drape, he had shot into the center of a large, well-lighted room, and come to a screeching halt in the middle of one of Madame Elise's salon, the scent of perfume heavy in his nostrils.

   "I see," I said, biting my lip. "I, um trust you didn't draw you sword in there?"

   Jamie narrowed his eyes at me, but didn't deign to reply directly.

   "I'll leave it to you Sassenach," he said dryly, "to imagine what it feels like to arrive unexpectedly in the midst of a brothel, in possession of a verra large sausage."


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