Tea leaves and Tales


All of us knew there would be entertainment, but didn't know just what that was. We kept seeing Hope go in and out with stuff. We heard a knock on the door and she asked Hedy and M&M to answer it, they answered to find a woman holding a tray and teapot, she introduced herself as Mrs. Graham. Now it would of helped if M&M remembered who Mrs. Graham was, instead of thinking it was someone trying to crash the party.

Mrs. Graham and Diana, some how the tea pot is gone and has been replaced by a sausage.



Mrs. Graham reading Judies tea leaves, Tamara flashing her teeth at Mrs. Graham.

Diana having hers read, we were hoping Mrs. Graham  would tell us the release date of the next book.

M&M trying to figure out what the heck she is looking at or if any of her hair is in there.

Pam having her leaves read, while CF is wondering if Pam should buy her a lottery ticket too.



Charyl played secretary for the evening.
Here are her notes for the tea leaf readings......


Okay this reading was really interesting. Mrs. Graham started by telling Herself that she would be doing some writing. Woooooo Hoooooooo! HAHAHAHA! Then Mrs. Graham studied Diana's cup and asked about a funeral. She saw a wreath in the cup she said. Diana responded with concern for a loved one who is not doing well. Mrs. Graham said that she sees lots of movement and said that she sees four things that have perplexed Diana. Mrs. Graham sees one area that Diana is trying to pursue. Mrs. Graham studied the cup some more and mentioned spirituality. She said that she sees an angel. She told Herself that she sees a protective environment. "There is a real friendliness about you." Is there an 'M' in your life?" Diana responded that the 'M' would be her Mother, but that she died when she was young. Mrs. Graham said that would explain the angel, and told Diana that she had real power behind her.


Mrs. Graham says, "I see challenges, a maximum of three this year. These are strengthening your
character. I see that all is complete, all are clear for you now. Have you moved this year?" Judie
replies, "yes, last year." Mrs. Graham continues, "You did some clearing but not enough." "There is a softness and comfortingness in you. Others want to be in your company. Could be a masseuse, aroma therapist, or counselor." "Are you planning on flying?" Judie replied, "NO."
(Notes taken by Pamela, I believe. I think this is where I had to get up and hunt for the toilet paper for someone. It was Hope's Penthouse Suite after all ;-) )

 "Your heart is up front in energy.  I see you falling in love or else a  heartbreak. It doesn't seem like
 anything is connected right now for you. You are creating a path. Look into a spiritual path.
 Your current path has obstacles. Add spirituality to your life."


"I see you creating space for yourself. You need space, a nurturing space. You are a creator, you
create things. Astronomy is very strong for you. I see an obstacle, it's always riding you, something on your back, causing stress. It may be gone now. You have wonderful energy. People like your energy and who you are. People want to be in your company. You have gone forward this year. I see music. Music is very big for you. I see a guitar. You have good  stuff going on. You have night energy."
(Notes taken by Pamela)


Mrs. Graham gazes intently into Hedy's cup of leaves, and says, "This is interesting." WOW! Now she has our attention ;-) "You have been doing some traveling, you are having some good health. Have you been going to any islands?" HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Some of us are ROTFLOL. Hedy lives on an island. "Is there any significance to the letter 'S'? I think it might be predictive. I see a victory of some sort. Have you achieved a recent goal? I see lots of travel." Hedy replies, "yes."  "I see a victory coming and good health."


 "I see things going on all over the world." HA! What a cool thing to say to someone surrounded by her internet friends from all over ;-). You do not put all of your eggs in one basket. You have lots of things going on. Do you exercise? I see jumping up and down?" Hope laughs and says, "No that would hurt my boobs too much." Mrs. Graham continues, "I see that you are connected to someone, a soul connection. You like things moving, like the flow. I see a fire. Are you passionate about camping?" "No," says Hope. Mrs. Graham says that she sees the energy like that in a campfire. Kate chimes in with, "Oh I can remember some pretty interesting campfires." Mrs. Graham says, "You are trying to get beyond something, trying to get over an obstacle. The Universe is supporting you."


"You have done a heck of a lot of creating in your life." HAHAHAHAHA! Does a new baby daughter count? HAHAHAHA! "I see wings. You are feeling free, a certain freedom. I see an emotional break -- the roller coaster will stop. You will feel level."

Kate's Mom

The leaves say, "You have a lovely personality. I see happiness and contentment. You have wonderful energy. You have been on an inner spiritual journey. You have an awareness of self.
You are doing well, in good health." All were in agreement.

Kim Marie

"I see kindness; a gentle environment -a connectedness. Family is important. Do you have children? There is a flow happening in your life -- you are on a path. You are a planner. Your days are planned, not impulsive."


"You are close to reaching a goal that's very important. I see something profound in your cup. Do you take sugar with your tea?" We were LOL! "You have a lot of questions, you want to understand. There has been a little struggle and things are not as hard for you as in the past. For a while you have
been feeling as if you have been carrying everything on your shoulders. Things are lightening up. I see a tree of life."


 "I see that you are destined to be a maid in your life. You have resisted this calling, but resistance is
futile. Give it up and offer your services to MJ and Jamie. Wait, it is not a maid that I see you becoming, but a slave. Yes, give it up and accept your calling in life." Oooooopsie hehehehe, okay, okay, here is what Mrs. Graham really got the finger for:
I see a lot coming up in life, a lot going on. There are changes all around you, but the pace has
really slowed." Hmmmmm, then Mrs. Graham said something about a money man with demands. "There is a part of you that is separate -- you are trying to change or affect a change. I see health
concerns." M&M replies, "Yeah, my hair is falling out." Mrs. Graham continues, "But they are minor and easily fixed."


According to Mrs. Graham, "Your heart is working. Are you in love? There is movement in the heart area. The heart is in your forefront. Something or someone has left or gone. Something else is coming, a pretty close, comforting person. People like to be around you. You have opportunities in business." Go buy a lottery ticket,
Pam.  ;-)


Well it seems that Charyl was taking a potty break or still looking for toilet paper when Tamara was having  her leaves read.  But.....thank goodness I read the leaves stuck on Tamara's teeth before she sat down with Mrs. Graham.  This is what I saw....Well first of all it was obvious that Tamara needs to see a Dentist about some Wisdom teeth I have some concern about.  Now the interesting part is when I noticed the leaves were in the shape of the island of Oahu, and a guitar.  So it seems that Tamara will marry a wealthy rock star and move to Hawaii.  I could also read that she loves animals and she is a vegetarian by the glob of leaves that formed a carrot.
(Notes taken by M&M)


The Electric Tea Kettle

When I saw this strange tea kettle,
something just didn't settle.

 I said to myself, "Oh  my Lord!,
why that kettle has a cord!"

These ladies from Canada thought it was a bit much,
that a girl from the States hadn't seen such.

But to my defense Charyl did rise,
never an electric kettle had been before her eyes.

So I posted this pic on the Social Board.
You know the pic of the kettle with a cord.

My oh my, what a flurry was to be had.
Countries divided, the start of a war,  t'was sad.

All over a tea kettle that you have to plug in,
like having a plain tea pot was a sin.

I really don't care if my kettle has a cord or not,
as long as the water comes to me hot!


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