The Ohio Scottish Games at Oberlin, Ohio
June 26th 1999 


 The Gathering of Clan MacHoser really began the evening before at Castle Econolodge.  It was there some lallypals decided to start their festivities early.   But we all met up at the games, and we were one HOT group of Hosers.  The tempeture that day had to be about 93 degrees with a heat index of 212!


In attendance at the "Feast of Red Lobster" was...
Left to right......Val L., JP, Shannon, Nancy V., Minlyn, and Suzy.


 Lady Nancy V. stunned everyone in her 18th Century dress made by Lady Helen.


For more information on Nancy's dress, it has its own website............ Click here.


Let the Games begin...........

We finally all meet up at the Games.  Although this pic is missing some hosers like Terry, Katie, and Madelyn.  We gathered the most we could and took a group picture.  Mercs husband Dan was kind enough to wear about 20 cameras around his neck and take pics.

Left to right.....first row-Val L., Danielle, Scotty, Nancy V., Suzy, Shannon.
Back row-Mercs sis Bronwyn, Mercedes, M&M, Minlyn and JP.


Rupert Lives!

Here's  Rupert and it was decided it was a wise choice Claire didn't marry him!  We also found out that Rupert lies!  He said he wasn't hot at all in all that wool, yeah right!  You cant tell in the picture but Merc was checking under Ruberts kilt!  Bronwyn was checking the other lads kilt.  M&M was doing that verra difficult maneuver "The double kilter".   By the smiles on their faces we know what they found.  NOTHING!

Left to Right-Bronwyn, some Scottish kilted wonder, M&M, Rupert and Merc.

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