First ...Kendra my apologies no thumbnails!

Our Hostess
(Its really Shadow in jammies!)

SandyM's redention of I Have a Girl in Kalamazoo
I Have a Hoser in Kalamazoo!

I met some pals in Kalamazoo
We came to play at the Old Fart' Buffet in Kalamazoo
(zoo, zoo,zoo,zoo,zoo)

Jamie and Claire, Diana G too!
Talked of the books, got a few funny looks in Kalamazoo
(zoo, zoo,zoo,zoo,zoo)

M&M, Kendra, Sues: Betsy E & G, and Shadow, too!
Am I dreamin? I can hear Fred screamin'
"I missed all the Ladies!"

Oh, give us a kilt! And Jamie's claymore!
Wed walk through the stones for that red-heided Scot we're all carzy for!
Lallybrochers-Michigan can't wait to meet again in Kalamazoo
(zoo,zoo,zoo, Kalamazoo)
(oh, oh,oh,oh what a kilt s real Scotcheroo!)
(Lallybrocher-Michigan can't wait to meet again in Kalamazoo)

We first dined at Old Fart Buffet for lunch. After sitting there for four hours we felt the need for a drink.

In attendance:
BetsyE, Shadow, SandyMouse, M&M & Kendra.

Little did we know we should of had a drink BEFORE driving with Betsy!


Once we got (INSERT "PRAISE THE LORD" HERE!)to  Chilies we went to the bar for a drink....we toasted all the Lallypals!  I was busy taking the picture so I'm not sure what the toast was!

Then SandyMouse made some moves on the waiter!

Then this smart ass woman at the bar was making some comments so I took her picture and she turned away! No one....and we mean NO ONE can beat us for smart ass comments....she was such an amateur!
(I just happen to get another picture (YIPPIE!) of the waiter!)

Betsy impressed us all with her tattoo!


Some of the other Hosers that met us at Old Fart Buffet but weren't up to drink at the Chili's bar! We think they came just for the food!!!


That would be Judie, CF and Charyl!

Thanks guys for a GREAT time!