Sing to the tune of the Brady Bunch

Here's the story, of a boy who's a Kelly.
Who can type 187 words a minute.
He was just a lad in his twenties,
just out of school, work and monies.

Then one day he graduated college,
and there was not one job in site.
He had these hands that were magic,
but only used them at night!

Then he interviewed for a position.
Not the kind men usually interview for,
it was a well known temporary service.
You know those Kelly whores.

Well wouldnt you know he got the job,
and our Fred was on his merry way.
There was print ads, radio and T.V.,
and look it was our own T.O.C!

He's our Kelly boy!
He's our Kelly boy!
That's how Fred became A Kelly Boy! that Marsha in that pic?

We love ya Fred!