Hoser Travel presents...........

The Samhain Adventure

One night only!

Reserve your spot...spaces are limited.

The Stones will be open on October 31st 1999

We offer two packages.......


The Deluxe Hoser Package....

The Cheap Scottish Package......

    Your own transportation to Scotland.
    Ride from Inverness to Craigh na Dun on a sheep named Blackie Jack Randy.
    A "Stone Passing Gene" shot from a nurse named Loghead.
    A nice toss from Bruno incase you lose your nerve.
    Bandages, just in case Bruno misses and you actually crash into the stones.
    Simple wooden casket. Bruno sometimes gets a wee bit carried away.  Hey! it happens!
Your Tour Guides...
The Deluxe Tour
Tired of the rigors of mountain life in Northern California Gordon "Scotty" Walker of Clan MacGregor
decided to up and move his wife of 35 years away from the mall and to the Highlands of Scotland.
 Not to abandon his Lallypals he now gives The Samhain Adventure Deluxe Tour.

The Cheap Scottish Tour...
Kelly Wenchia is your host for this tour.  Kelly was a really  busy mother of two,
Brownie Leader, and adoring wife.  But....since Adrian Paul dropped her as his
"wench" of the moment, she has fled to Scotland where she enjoys her new
"position" as tourguide.  Don't mess with Kelly especially when she is stoned!

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