Its the....

" You just had a contest at Lallybroch what are you going to do next?
Im going to Disney World!"

Here's how we played.......
If you could swap the characters from any Outlander series book into any Disney movie, what characters in
the DG book would play the characters in any Disney movie?


The Lucky Hoser Is...

For Scotty's hosed version of Snow White
go here...

Jamie Fraser and the Seven Dwarfs

Scotty you have won a hard cover of Drums of Autumn, and a gift from our trip to Disney World.

and a very close second was...Susan K.!!!
I wasnt  going to have a second place but Susan was so close she wins a wee gift from Disney World.

The Outlandish Beauty and the Beast

 The role of Beauty in our production will be played
by the lovely and talented Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp
Randall Fraser.  She possesses the skill of ordering
the Beast around, highly desirable in our picture.
Being in possession of knowledge of the art of
healing, she will be a great asset in healing the
Beast after the battle on the parapet with Gaston.

 The title role of Beast will be played ably by one
James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.  Being the
possessor of a bold temper and large size, Mr. Fraser
will be quite capable of handling the demands of the
role, including making the above-mentioned Beauty fall
in love with him.

 One Reverend Reginald Wakefield will fill the role of
Beauty’s father.  As the reverend has a tendency to
walk about in a world of his making apart from the one
around him, he should be able to easily assume the
role of a yet-to-succeed inventor full of grand ideas.

 The person known far and wide as Black Jack Randall
will portray the villain of the picture, Gaston.  As
the man has no scruples and will stop at nothing to
get what he wants, the role of Gaston should be no
stretch for him at all.  The only hurdle for Mr.
Randall will be the transfer of his desire from the
Beast to our lovely Beauty.

 The Duke of Sandringham will portray Gaston’s
bumbling assistant, Lefew. The role will be a stretch
for his Lordship, as he must lower the pitch of his
voice and his apparent intelligence, but his Lordship
has said that “the role should be fun” and that he is,
eh hem, “up for the challenge” (his words, not mine).
He was looking forward to spending much time on the
set in the company of Mr. Fraser, but as the two never
appear on-screen together, I hold out not much hope
for his Lordship to spend much time in Mr. Fraser’s

   Laoghaire MacKenzie will fill the role of the three
blonde girls who think that Gaston is the greatest.
Through the magic of modern computer animation, Miss
MacKenzie will fill all three roles.  This role will
be a bit of a stretch for Miss MacKenzie, as her
attentions lately seem devoted to Mr. Fraser, but it’s
a bit role three times over, we think any deficiencies
won’t be much noticed.

 Fergus Claudel Fraser will amply fill the role of
French candlestick and ladies’ man, Lumier, of course.
 Mr. Fraser brings to the role his knowledge of the
French language and matters of love.  He also brings
an understanding of the Beast, which will be very
beneficial we are sure.

 Mrs. Fitzgibbons, lately of Castle Leoch, Scotland,
will easily fill the housekeeper role of Mrs. Potts.
Mrs. Fitz has all the qualifications necessary to make
her an excellent housekeeper as well as an ability to
handle quarrelsome stubborn men.  We have no doubt she
will win great praise in the role.

 Young Hamish MacKenzie will fill the role of Chip,
Mrs. Potts’ son.  Being of a curious nature like the
character he will portray, Hamish will bring freshness
and youthful vitality to the set, we are sure.

 The role of Cogsworth, Beast’s man at arms (for lack
of a better term) will be filled by Murtaugh, Mr. J.
A. Fraser’s godfather.  Murtaugh brings to the role a
dourness of expression that hides his caring for his
master and godson that will fit the role to a “T”.

There, how’s that?  Did I make you chuckle at least????


Thank-you judges...

Rie, Kelly,NancyV.,Kim Marie and Niki

Here are the entries....


Disney's Hosed Pictures is proud to present:


James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser - as Aladdin
Claire Beachamp Randal Fraser - as Jasmine
Murtaugh - as The Genie
Jonathan Wolverton Randal - as Jafar
Dougal MacKenzie as - Iago
Wee Jamie as - Abu
and in a minor role
Loaghaire as - the flying carpet
Geilis Duncan as - the witch.

(Hold it Hedy - there wasn't any witch in this movie!!  yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!!!)
Also starring:
Bram - the big ass dog as - the large pretty Tiger (cannae remember the Tiger's name)
Thanks for letting me play!  What a hoot!!!!!!!
Huge LallyHugs

Get involved and experience the new!
Spend your money now on the
"Interactive Disneyized Dragonfly/Aladdin Movie."

Jamie as Aladdin, he`s street smart yet sweet.
(Give him a hug.)
Claire as Jasmine, who`s free spirited yet thoughtful.
(Give her a smile.)
Master Raymond as Genie, he`s a little mystical and a whole lot strange.
(Give him some of your time and a few toad heads.)
Fergus as Abu, a tiny, quick and loyal friend.
(Give him a banana.)
Black Jack Randall as Jafar, he`s bad to the bone.
(Give him a kick.)

This was really fun,


Jamie as Aladdin
Claire as Jasmine
Jack Randall as Jafar
Frank as the parrot
Master Raymond as the genie,
Murtagh as the monkey
Geillis as the tiger
Laoghaire as the flying carpet.


Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

I'm not a big Disney fan (sorry, don't stone me).  So, I wasn't going to enter.
I told Kyle about the contest and he immediately shook
his head and said, "Oh no, Snow White & the 7 Scots!"

How could I resist that challenge?  So, here we go
with the Scottish version of Snow White.

Snow White...Claire (duh)
the Prince...Jamie (duh)
The Evil  Queen...Leghair, natch

The 7 Dwarfs:

Doc...Ned Gowan, cause he's so organized & in charge
Sneezy...Colum, cause he's not well, ye ken
Dopey...Wee Ian, the lovable gowk
Happy...Rupert, cause he always makes us laugh
Grumpy...Murtagh (a natural)
Sleepy...Dougal, cause he likes to sleep around
Bashful...Ian, he stayed on the sidelines cause of his leg
Hope you enjoy this Highland version,specially the sex
between Snow White & the Prince...gotta have a sex
scene.  Oh, this is Disney, I knew there was a reason
I didn't like Disney!

Valerie L.

Jamie as handsome prince
Claire as Snow White
Jack Randall as the evil Queen
Ian as Doc
Dougal as Happy
Murtagh as grumpy
Frank as Sleepy
Master Raymond as Sneezy
Louis XV as Bashful
Laoghaire as Dopey
And a glass of whisky as the poisoned apple

Joanne T.


 OK, dear, here goes.

The movie: Pinnochio.

 Gepetto = Jamie
 The Blue Fairy = Claire.
 Pinnochio = Fergus.
 Figaro (the cat) = Roger.
 Cleo (the goldfish) = Brianna.
 Jimminy Cricket = Murtagh.
 "Honest John" the fox = Colum.
 "Gideon" the cat (Honest John's sidekick) = Dougal.
 Stromboli (the puppet master) = King Louis of France.
 The Coachman (to Pleasure Island) = Black Jack Randall.
 Lampwick (Pinnochio's friend on Pleasure Island) = Bonnie Prince Charlie.
 Monstro (the whale) = Gelleis Duncan.

 How's that?


Jamie as Pinocchio
Claire as the Blue Fairy
Ian snr as Jiminy Cricket
Dougal as Geppetto
Geillis as Figaro the Cat
Colum as Cleo the fish
Jack Randall as Stromboli the puppet master
Stephen Bonnet as Sly Fox
Rev Archibald Campbell as Crafty Cat
Charles Stuart as the boy who turns into a donkey (Jack somebody?)
Wentworth Prison as Monstro the whale

Joanne T.

"Pinocchio as Young Ian in Voyager"

Pinocchio-Young Ian
Figaro the cat-Jenny
Jiminy Cricket-Jamie
The Fairy-Claire
Stromboli the gypsy, Honest John and Giddy-the Pirates that kidnap young Ian
The Coachman who turns stupid little boys into donkeys-Geillis Duncan!

I chose to make Jiminy and the Fairy, Jamie and Claire, because they try to keep
 Pinocchio/Young Ian on the straight and narrow, however his quest for adventure and
natural innocence allow him to be taken astray by some unsavory characters.

Amanda A


Bambi (also known as Jamie the Stag-muffin)

Bambi = Jamie
That fawn girl who grows up and gets mmmmpphhed from Jamie, I mean Bambi!
I forget her name - Flora? Fawna? = Claire
Thumper= Ian
That girl rabbit who Ian, I mean Thumper likes, forget her name too =Jenny
Flower= Murtagh
Owl= Collum
Bambi's Mom = Ellen MacKenzie Fraser
Bambi's Dad = Brian Fraser (ok, so he's dead! Ya dinna say they had to be ALIVE in the books!!!)
That stag dude who fought Bambi for that Claire doe = Dougal
An Ugly Evil Crow = Leghaire (I'd have said a wolf, but that's insulting to the wolves!!!!)
All the cute birds of the forest = the inhabitants of Lallybroch (with
the exception of Rabbie MacNab Senior (the wife beater guy), and Ian,
Jenny, and their wee bairns)
All the cute animals of the forest = Rupert, HAmish, and all the guys
who helped Claire rescue Jamie from Wentworth
Cute animals of the meadow = the folks at the abbey.
HOunds ffrom the man's hunting party = those soldiers from Wentworth and Ft. William
The evil hunters = BJR and Frank
The twin fawns that the doe Claire has = Brianna and WIllie. (Ok! SO they aren't  in Outlander!)

SO there's the cast!!!!!! Heeheehee!!!!!!!!


The Rescuers Down Under


BJR as..........MCLEACH, a scot as a bad guy you say?? NO- now he`s ENGLISH!!!
Claire as........Miss Bianca, we will just modify the accent ye ken??
Jamie as........Cody, a weean..but Mcleach captures him and throws knives at him and locks him in a cage
..and tricks him and tries to feed him to the crocodiles!!
Fergus as......Bernard, well, its a french name..if you say it with a french accent, he helps Jamie doesn`t he?
Murchinson as ..Joanna the lizard doing Mcleaches dirty work!


Toy Story

Jamie as Woody
Claire as Little Bo Peep
John Grey as Mr Potato Head
Roger as Mr Spell
Charles Stuart as Rex the dinosaur
Frank as Buzz Lightyear
Jenny as Mom
Young Ian as Andy
Jack Randall as Sid
Stephen Bonnet as Sid’s dog Scud
Laoghaire as Sid’s sister Hannah
Marsali as the zealot (little green guy)
Fergus as The Claw ("the claw is our master")
Rollo as Slinky
Master Raymond as Rollerbob
Ping An as Ducky
Mr Willhoughby as Legs
The English army as the green soldiers

Joanne T.

The Little Mermaid

Here's "The Little Mermaid"

Ariel - Brianna
Eric - Roger
Ursula - The Voyager Geillis
Triton - Jamie
Louis (The cook) - Aloysius Murphy with a french accent
Ack! I forget his name! The old guy that hangs with Eric - Ned Gowan
The Housekeeper - Mrs. Graham
Scuttle - Rupert
Flounder - Lizzie
Vanessa - BJR in drag
Arista, Alana, etc (Ariel's sisters) - Madame Jeanne's girls
Sebastian - well, no one can really take his place, besides I'd like to see
how the characters react to a talking crab


  Here's my contest entry!

The Little Mermaid

Ariel - Brianna
Prince Eric - Roger
King Triton - Jamie
Ursula - Gellis Duncan
Sebastian - Murtaugh
Flounder - Fergus

From Lady Maura  aka Jennie S.

My favorite Disney movie is "The Little Mermaid" so had to go with that....Here goes nothing.

Jamie Fraser as "Eric"
Claire Fraser as "Ariel"
Geillis Duncan as "Ursula the Sea Witch"
Mutt and Jeff (from the Witch Trials) as "Flotsam" and "Jetsam"
Young Ian Murray as "Flounder"
Murtaugh as "Scuttle"
Dougal as "Sebastion" (I know the accents not right but had to get Dougal in there somewhere)
Colum as "Triton"
As Triton's Daughters: "Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella and Alana".....Loghair, Margaret, Eleanor, Molly, Tabitha and Marsali
Lord John Gray as "Grimsby"
Fergus as "Louis"
Mrs. Fitz as "Carlotta"
and finally.....Rollo as "Max"

Thanks for the fun....SuzanneM

Jamie as Prince Eric
Claire as Ariel
Murtagh as Grimsby
Mrs Fitz as the chef
Rupert as Flounder
John Grey as Sebastian
Jack Randall and Geillis share a costume as Ursula
Stephen Bonnet and Laoghaire as Flotsam and Jetsam the eels
Ned Gowan as Scuttle
And Dougal as King Triton


Pete's Dragon

I've picked my movie and you'll have to use a bit of artistic
imagination because the story line doesn't exactly follow
"The Outlander"
however-here goes:

Movie:  Pete's Dragon (my all-time favorite Disney movie)

Character list:
 Elliot, The Dragon:  Ian Murray (forever Jamie's Protector)
                              Pete:  Young Jamie
                 Nora:  Claire
                 Paul:  Older (grown-up) Jamie
                 Lampy:  The McKenzie (Callum, of course)
                 Ma Gogan:  Laoghaire
                 Pa Gogan:  BJR
                 Gogan Brothers:  English Soldiers
                 The Mayor:  Dougal Mckenzie
                 Ms. Taylor:  Geille
                 Doc Terminus:  Master Raymond

As I said, a bit of imagination is needed to make all the characters fit,
 but it was lots of fun doing this.  Enjoy


Peter Pan

Jamie as- Peter Pan
Loghaire- as Tinkerbell
Claire- as Wendy
Wille- as Micheal
LJG- as John
Clan MacKenize- as the Lost Boys
BJR as- Captin Hook
The Red coat army- as the Pirates
The indians- as themselves!
Gellis- as Tigerlily
Mr. Darling- Roger
Mrs. Darling- Brianna
Nana- Loghaire (again she plays two roles the dog and
the annoying little fairy that hates Wendy!)

There is my entry
Lady Avenell

Jamie as Peter
Claire as a feisty Wendy Laoghaire as Tinkerbell
Hugh Munro, John Grey, Dougal, Colum and Rupert as lost boys
Ian as John
Young Ian as Michael
Jack Randall as Captain Hook
Frank as Smee
Geillis as the crocodile
Mother Hildegarde as Nanna the dog
The Indians as the Indians

Joanne T.

I choose the movie : Peter Pan.
The book would be Dragonfly in Amber

Peter  =  Jamie
Wendy = Claire
Tinkerbell = Laoghaire
Cpt. Hook = Jonathan Randall
Mr. Smee = Duke of Sandringham
Pirates = Lobsterbacks
Crocodile = Murtagh
Nana = Jenny
Lost Boys = Lallybroch men
Mermaids = Ladies of the French Court
Michael = Fergus
John = Jared
Indians = Fraser's of Lovat

Thanks M&M this is fun.

.... Lady Fiona.

Beauty & The Beast

Claire as BELLE
Jamie as BEAST (not a verra mean one)
Jack Randall as Gaston
Uncle Lamb as BELLE'S PAPA
Mrs FitzGibbons as Mrs POTTS
Hamish as CHIP
Dougal as LUMIERE



Jamie as the Beast,
Claire as Belle,
Wee Ian as Chip
 Jennie for Mrs. Potts
 Lumierre (theres that nasty spelling again)would be Dougal (as he likes the ladies ye ken)
Cogsworth would be Frank......boring :)
Stephen Bonnet as Gaston
Thanks god I can't seem to find a match for BJR!!

Lady Cler

Beauty And The Beast - Meets Cross Stitch:

Beast................~ Jamie
Belle................~ Claire
Mrs. Potts...........~ Mrs. Fitz
Lumiere..............~ Murtagh
The clock guy........~ Callum MacKenzie
Belle's Father.......~ Rev. Wakefeild
Gasson...............~ Black Jack Randall
Gasson's sidekick... ~ Duke of Sandringham
The three wenches.
1..~ Leg-hair
.2..~ Gellie
.3..~ (Dougal's Daughter)
Chip.................~ Frank
Libraian.............~ Ned Gowan

Donna-Maree Austin, AKA dmaustin


Belle:  Claire
Beast:  Jamie
Any or all of the three blonde wenches who sigh for Gaston:  Laoghaire
Mrs. Potts:  Mrs. Potts
Chip: Ian
Belle's father:  Claire's Uncle Lamb
Gaston:  Jack Randall, of course



All right!  Maybe being a stay-at-home Mom will pay off here.  With a 5
year old and a 3 year old who are the only grandkids on either side of
the family, we have an extensive Disney video collection.
Still, casting is tough.  Lots of movies, but few juicy roles for J&C.
So, I went to my resident experts for advice.
"How about Bug's Life?" they suggested.  Hmmm, J&C as ants?  Don't think so.
"Tarzan."  Nope, that's been done already.
"Cinderella?"  Jamie's role would be too small.  And far too many potential roles for Logwhore.
"Dumbo!" chimed in Katie, my three year old.  Yikes!  That's worse than ants!
Then my 5 year old fell back on her old favorite.  "Do Mulan, Mom! Please?!"
  Hey, that could work.  Having seen the video countless times since  its release
on February 2, it's not like I don't know the  back characters
 (and all the dialogue and the soundtrack).
Okay.  I'll give it a go.

So, here it is....the cast of Dragonfly in Amber stars in "Mulan":

Starring, as the beautiful, resourceful and unorthodox Mulan - Claire.
The handsome hero and leader of men, Shang - Jamie.  Now he may have to
stretch his acting to make us believe that he doesn't realize Mulan/Claire
is a woman, but Jamie is rather good at everything he tries. And just imagine him on
horseback, sword at his side, hair pulled back in a topknot  accentuating his high broad
cheekbones, that knife-edge nose, those blazing blue eyes that, but I digress.
As the evil Shan Yu - BJR.  He has the menacing air--he'll just need
some computer-generated special effects to achieve the proper physique.
As Mulan's buddies:
the sizable Chien Po - Rupert
the tall, skinny Ling - Ian Sr.
the irascible Yao - Murtagh
As the feisty, irrepressible dragon, Mushu - wee Fergus.
Matchmaker - Logwhore.  And due to budget constraints, there will be no
stunt double available for the part where she gets scalded by tea and
her clothes catch fire. (heheheh)
Mulan's mother Fa Li - Jenny.  This role suits her--we'll just age her
a bit with make-up.
As the Emperor - Colum, a  leader well-versed in politics.
As General Lee - Dougal, a military man.
And, not forgetting that this is a HOSED contest, I need to include a
certain inanimate character, so.....

Playing the role of the rocket which is responsible for Shan Yu's
demise will be Dunedin MacWeenie, the Sausage!

 It was fun, as always!

Lady Jay

Jamie as Captain Shang
Claire as Mulan
Mr Willhoughby as Cri-kee
Murtagh as the grandmother
Jack Randall as Shan-Yu
Dougal as Yao (King of the Rock)
Mrs Fitz as Chin Po
Donas as Mulan’s horse
Fergus as the Emporor of China
Laoghaire as the Matchmaker

 Joanne T.


Jamie as Prince Charming
Claire as Cinderella
Jack Randall as wicked stepmother
Laoghaire and Stephen Bonnet as the Ugly stepsisters
Fiona Graham (or perhaps the Duke of Cumberland) as the fairy godmother

Joanne T.

Jungle Book

I'm no' sure this is wot yer askin fer, but once I got started I could no' seem ta stop myself.

Outlander & Jungle Book
The Highland Jungle Book

Cast o' Characters
Mowgli:(the man-cub) Jamie Fraser
Bagheera:(the black panther) Dougal MacKenzie
Baloo:(the partner-in-crime bear) Ian Murray

Kaa:(the hypnotic snake) Colum MacKenzie
Shere Chan:(the villainous tiger) Black Jack Randall

Village Girl:(the village girl, duh) Claire Fraser
King Louis:(King o' the Monkeys) Duke of Sandringham
Col. Hathi:(Leader o' the Elephants) Wee Angus Mohr
Winnifred:(Col. Hathi Wife) Mrs. FitzGibbons
 Flaps:(Head Vulture) Rupert MacKenzie
Akita:(Head o' the Wolf Council) Auld Alec MacKenzie
Raaba:(Father Wolf) Murtaugh Fraser
Story Line

Bagheera finds Mowgli wanderin thru the Highland Jungle in the possession
o' a verra large sausage.  The wily panther quickly decides Mowgli and
his sausage are better off wi' his own kind, and the pair begin their
journey ta the man-village.  Bagheera makes a pretense o' being
wee Mowgli's friend, but in truth, he is jealous o' the man-cub's sausage.
Along the way, they meet Baloo.  Baloo doesna care tae much
fer Bagheera. He thinks Mowgli's sausage is his own business.
Still, the bear takes ta Mowgli right away, and becomes
his most loyal friend. There are hidden dangers in the Highland Jungle.
Fer Shere Chan hunts the man-cub, swearin ta kill him.  Unbeknownst
ta anyone, the tiger  secretly desires Mowgli's sausage, although
he does want ta eat him as well. Also slitherin thru the jungle is Kaa.
Kaa doesna care one wit aboot Mowgli's sausage, he just wants
to entrapped Mowgli in his deadly coils.  While tramplin aboot the jungle
the trio encounter a number o' new friends.  Amongst them the
militant elephant, Col. Hathi wi' his no-nonsense wife, Winnifred and a
group o' reavin vultures, led by the ever-diligent Flaps.  None o' these
new friends want Mowgli's sausage. One o' the more interestin
characters they incur is King Louis,   a.k.a. the Sausage King.
King Louis has also heard about Mowgli's sausage and makes
him an offer.  If Mowgli will share his sausage wi' the Sausage King,
Louis will fix it so that man-cub can stay in the jungle.  Mowgli,
wantin ta  save his sausage fer a special occasion, declinesthe
Sausage King's offer,  and continues ta the man-village.
     As he nears the village, Mowgli sees a beautiful girl fetchin
water from the river.  As she catches his eye, she begins to sing
her eternal Syrian's song. Decidin this is the special occasion he
has been waitin fer, Mowgli shows her his sausage. The village
girl is verra impressed.  The young couple partake in the sausage
and both decide there is no other meat fer them.

And they live happily ever after,

The End
Dawn Faith (RDawn)

Robin Hood


Rob..... are we good guys or bad guys?
Yeap, RobinHood of course.....
Starring Yon wee fox cub (James Alexander Mackenzie Fraser) as Red Robin Hood,
defender of the weak, dashing poor fellow, with a price on his wee FOXY head.
Next we have Murtagh, who is portraying Little John. Seems after the death of Murtagh's brother,
Murtagh did get a bit "friendly" with the old MS Fitz. Who loaded Murtagh's scrawny butt up with fresh oatcakes
and those nasty Fishy things.
Which leads us to our next character of Lady Cluck.... Played of course by Ms. Fitz.
 The blue apron was a perfect fit.
Claire of course, Being Claire..... Decided that it was only fitting that she play Maiden Marion.
 After all.....She didn't want to find Robin behind some alcove "rehearsing" scenes.
that's just all there bloody is too it.
Oh yes..... The Evil Sheriff of Nottingham.
Who better that then black hearted Black Jack Randel. Slime...
Fryer Tuck...... Rupert me ladd of course! He's could use all the pints he can get!!
Prince John........  Sandringham (?) yes, I know I misspelled!
King Richard I say....... Marcus Mc Ronnoch, he was quite the dashing fellow!
Hiss......  Father Bain, Oh yes.... I can just see it!!
Skippy..... Wee Hamish, as long as he can shoot his arrow's without hitting his feet!
all Jenny's kids to play the extra's
And LogWhore as the castle wench! I'm sure there is one, she was just busy behind curtains and unable
 to make an appearance, being a childrens movie ye` know.
And what the hell, as long as we're pretending, how about making both Column and Dougal the village idiots!!

Well..... I guess that's it!!


    (A Tale of Two People from Two Different Worlds)

John Smith              -   Jamie Fraser        (Hero)
Pocahontas              -   Claire Beauchamp Fraser (Heroine)
Pocahontas Mother       -  Ellen MacKenzie (Dead Mother)
Powhatan                -   Frank Randall (Against Hero, In Premise)
Grandmother Willow  -   Jamie's Sister, Jenny (Wise Supporter)
Mieko the Raccoon       -  Fergus  (Playful Accomplice)
Hummingbird             -   Roger Wakefield  (Devoted Accomplice)
Ratcliffe               -   Black Jack Randall  (Villain)


Lion King

I am choosing the movie The Lion King  and this is how I would cast the parts

Mufassa-Brian (guiding his son even after he dies)
Girl Heyena-Leg Hair (except that she didn't eat meat...Hee Hee)
!st. Boy Heyena-Column
2nd Boy Heyena-Dougal
Pumba-Fergus(Groaning and farting across the cabin)
Timone-The Bonny Prince(thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is!!!)
 Zazu- Ian (always following Jamie around ye ken?)

Katie Sullivan


OK. I choose Lion King.
There is of course no doubt about Jamie, he is always
the King with me, so he's Simba. I have to refresh my memory for the
other names in the movie. Isn't Scar the name of the wicked Uncle Lion? BJR,
of course. Maybe this is just too easy to be interesting. I guess I'd
better research it, aye? I'll get back to you.


Jamie as Simba
Claire as Nala
Jenny as Mufasa
Jack Randall as Scar
Murtagh as Zazu
Young Ian as Timon
Laoghaire, Stephen Bonnet and Geillis as hyenas
Master Raymond as Rafiki,
With a special prequel appearance by...
Brianna as Kiara

Joanne T.

Lady & The Tramp

Jim Dear = Brian Fraser
Darling = Ellen McKenzie Fraser
Lady =Claire
Tramp = Jamie
Jock the Scottie = Iain Murray ( I also picture our own wee Scot Iain Taylor)
Peg the Peakanese (I need to learn to spell)= Jenny Murray(and Iain' DW)
Trsty the Blood Hound = Fergus
Whistling Beaver = Ned Gowen
Trixie, Fifi, Rosita Chiquita= Dougal's Daughters( Trixie being the one who molested  our sweet Jamie) also known as MJ, M&M and Lissakay.
Siamese Cats= Logwhore and the evil twin no one knows about, Leghair
Aunt Sara= Mrs. Fitz
The Damn Dog Catcher= BJR
Dog Pound= Wentworth Prison

I hope I didn't leave any one out. Enjoy!!

Casting by Dale

Jamie as the Tramp
Claire as Lady
Ian as "Jim Dear"
Jenny as "Darling"
Mr Willhoughby in joint roles as Si and Am the Siamese cats
Roger as Scottie
Laoghaire as the pekinese
Lord John Grey as the bloodhound

Joanne T.

Mary Poppins

     Murtagh as ....Mary Poppins! Yes kids, instead of a skirt and umbrella, He has a kilt and claymore!
      Colum as.......Uncle Albert! He glides up to the castle ceiling whirling with his pet birdies!!
      Dougal as.....Bert..not a cuddley friend that helps children, a blood thirsty warrior that brings nightmares!!
       Claire as......Meg the housekeeper Coo! With no nanny in the house, who will take care of the children?
     Jamie as........Cook, don`t stumble on the way out deary! Weel, he can`t sing ye ken!
     Fergus as......Michael, did you pickpocket the bank owners again??
     Bree as ........Jane, we won`t put pepper in your tea....!

hehee, just off the cuff!
Thanks Jeannine

The Rescuers

Ok, here is my submission......

The Rescuers starring those lovable characters from Voyager!
Little Penny (played by young Ian) is kidnapped by some woman with very scary hair
(can't remember her name- but she is being played by Geillis) and taken by boat to live in a swamp.
Scary hair lady a.k.a. Geillis needs Penny to find a diamond for her (so she can do some travelling).
 There Penny is guarded by two crocodiles (played by the  zombie slave-Hercule and that guy with
the crocodile on his head-Ishmael)  and Geillis' sidekick- Reverend Campbell. When Penny comes up
 missing the  Rescue Aid Society (whose members include Fergus, Marsali, and Duncan Innes)
 sends out Bernard (Jamie) and Bianca (Claire) to rescue him. Keep in mind that Bernard gets airsick
 and must fly on Albatross airlines, but with Bianca by  his side anything is possible.
  They rescue Penny and save the day.......

Well at least I gave it a shot!

George of the Jungle

Here it is ....

George:  Jamie
Ursula:  Claire
Wise Ape: Mrs. Graham
Lyle Vandergroot:  Frank
Treehouse:  Lallybroch
TookieTookie Bird:  Murtaugh
Shep the Peanut Eating Elephant Dog:  Young Ian
Thor:  Dougal
Max:  Colum
Beatrice Stanhope:  Jenny
Arthur Stanhope:  Ian

HAHA!! Great contest! I loved it! I spent lots of my work day doing this!


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Jamie as Phoebus
Claire as Esmerelda
Frank as Quasimodo
Geillis as Djali, the goat
Jack Randall as Frollo
Abbot Alexander Fraser as the Archdeacon
Ned Gowan as Clopin

The Gargoyles:
Laoghaire as Laverne
Master Raymond as Victor
Mr Willoughby as Hugo

Donas as Frollo’s horse
The Scots as the gypsies

Brianna as the little girl who kisses Quasi at the end of the movie

Joanne T.

Captain Phoebus........Jamie (who else)
Esmarilda...................Claire (again who else)

The Gargoyles
Hugo.........................Colum MacKenzie(keeper of the castle, the short one)
Victor........................Dougal MacKenzie
Laverne......................Limphair(shes old, cold, and crabby)
Frollo.........................Black Jack, of course
Djali,the goat..............Gellis Duncan
Achilles ....................Donas
Clopin the gypsies leader...The Duke of Sandringham


A Bug’s Life

Jamie as Flick
Claire as Princess Atta
Frank as Francis the ladybug
Mrs Fitz as Heimlich the caterpillar
Brianna as Gypsy the butterfly
Jack Randall as Hopper
Frank as Hopper’s OK brother Jemmy as Dot
Murtagh as PT Flea
M. Forez as the stick insect
Laoghaire as the fake bird that crashes and burns <g>

Joanne T

Sleeping Beauty

Jamie as Prince Phillip
Claire as Princess Aurora
Jenny as Flora
John Grey as Fauna
Laoghaire as Merryweather
Jack Randall as Malificent
Geillis as the crow
Dougal and Colum as the two kings (fathers of Aurora and Phillip)

Hey, we’re big Disney fans at our place, so I got a bit carried away !
Had fun thinking of the match-ups, though. Thanks for a great competition.

Joanne T.

Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Jenny/Becky J's verra hosed adaptation.....

Och Aye! This had its own website but Geocities lost a whole bunch
of my stuff and this site was one of apologies Becky J.


Oh and........
KellyWench one of the Judges sent this in with her pick.  Its not Disney, but its too funny!

The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy:  Claire...because she wasn't in Kansas anymore.
Her Auntie Em and Uncle Whatshisname: Colin and Dougal (they were gay and into incest, you know.)
The Wiz:  Master Raymond, of course.
The Cowardly Lion:  no one was cowardly, so I'll say Rupert because he just seems hairy.
The Tin Man:  Roger and his Roger.
The Scarecrow:  Young Ian....if he only had a brain
The Wicked Witch:  Legwart
Toto:  Donas, because Toto was a nasty looking, mangy little rat with those sharp teeth=devil.
Dorothy's bicycle:  Jamie, because if he were a bike, she'd ride him anywhere.

It was delightfully Disney!!
They were all great!
Thanks for playing everyone!


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